Saturday, October 17, 2015

Muir Ranch

I was so lucky to get a tent cabin at MTR. I had a nice big bed w a colorful wool blanket. There was also a single bed on the side. I used the blanket from the single bed for added warmth on my bed and then set out all of my gear on the single. It was warm and bright so I put my sleeping bag and tent on my little deck to air out.

After an hour in a hot spring and a lot of lemonade I took a nap. My trail clothes were stinky and the washer in use so I took a hot shower and washed my trail clothes too. I had clean clothes in my resupply bucket but again I really liked my patagonia shorts so I washed them in the shower. They were dry by morning. 

MTR was amazing. I ate so well. Met a lot of cool people. Was able to send some emails. Charged my phone, Fitbit, phone charger, and battery charger. 

I sent a box of gear home: jet boil, toothpaste, clothes I didn't need, extra tent stakes I wasn't using, and snow peak cup and spork. I also sent a lot of postcards to friends. 

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