Saturday, October 17, 2015

JMT Notes 2

I was able to wash my clothes at Red's Meadow. I had clean clothes and a towel in my resupply bucket. My husband brought me a bag of toiletries. We had a hikers cabin for the night. I took a long, hot shower, washed my hair a few times as well as shaved my legs, pits, and clipped my nails. It's amazing how good I felt after a few days of not showering. 
At our hiker cabin there was a clothing line where I aired out my sleeping bag and tent. Even though I had a clean set of clothes for the next leg of my hike, I liked the clothes I had been wearing so I washed them for the next leg. 

I think I drank 4 bottles of Coke the first hour I was at Red's. I craved the sweet sodium filled beverage. 

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