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JMT Supply List

I thru hiked the John Muir Trail in 13 days. I started on July 22 and ended on August 3rd. I only experienced a few days of rain. I did send stuff home which is noted below.

1. One man Tent
REI Quarter Dome and Footprint
I loved my tent. Small, light, plenty of room, easy to set up, and (I felt) affordable
I set up my tent several times before leaving on my trip. I figured out how to do it when it was raining as well. All of my gear fit perfectly inside. I could basically set this baby up with my eyes closed before I even hit the trail. I also figured out how many tent stakes I needed.
When it rained, I figured out quickly to not stake my tent but to really pull the rain fly wide and then make a little dam with rocks and sticks around the tent... Also, use a stick to dig a little moat around your tent. A guy I met at Little Yosemite showed me this trick :)

2. Sleep System
REI Joule Down Bag I am in love with this sleeping bag!
Sea to Summit Pillow Totally worth it!! Do not inflate all the way if you like a softer feel
Klymit Static V Sleeping Pad Love this pad! Folds easily, small, light
Sea to Summit e-vent compression dry sack  makes your sleeping bag really small for easy packing
I wish I had brought my sleeping bag liner for added warmth and to keep my bag clean

4. Backpack
Gregory Jade 60 Liter
I love my backpack. It's so comfortable. I purchased my bag 5 years ago at REI on clearance. I have the light green one (the one in the link is navy).
REI Ducks Cover
It comes with a little bag but also can fold into itself. I didn't use the bag it comes with. I got annoyed with people counting ounces ... if you are one of those ounce counters here is a good place where you can ditch a few ;)

5. Trekking poles
Black diamond trail pro
Used my poles the entire time! At one point the left one kept coming unlocked so I put tenacious tape on it. A ranger said if a bear comes into camp whack it on the butt with my poles... not sure I would have the cajones to do that or not... did sleep with my poles next to the door just in case.

6. Footwear
Ahnu Montara hiking boot I am on my third pair. I love these boots
Silk Liner
Women's Thorlo hiking sock I love these socks!
There is a trend to wear trail running shoes on the trail. I like boots and I really needed them. I didn't see many trail shoes on the trail either. I saw a lot of Merrell and Keen boots. Wear what you want. I didn't have any blisters. I love my boots and socks. I had extra socks with me but didn't wear them so I sent my dirty socks home at Muir Ranch.

Oofos recovery sandals for camp shoes - super light weight and really helped after a day on my feet. Seriously! These sandals saved me!

7. Trail Clothes
Patagonia Nine Trail Shorts
Sports bra
Columbia Omni freeze tank
Colombia omni shield long sleeve w thumb holes (great for protecting hands from the sun)
Running cap
I wore my favorite running hat. I purchased a Bug Away Outdoor Research Sun Hat but it rubbed against the back of my pack which was super annoying. Glad I tried it out before taking it.
wool beanie for night and cold mornings
Fleece pants and comfy T-shirt for evening
I found a used synthetic down Patagonia jacket w/ hood on ebay for $20. This is my new favorite jacket/coat. I have a Golite down jacket I love so much. Since Golite went out of business I didn't want to take it on the trail and ruin it. Silly, I know. But I really love my Golite down. The synthetic nano puff Patagonia was so awesome on the trail
Rain jacket (wore once)
Fitbit - I loved seeing my steps add up!

8. Poop Kit
The Deuce of Spades
Hand sanitizer
Camp TP
Ziploc bag w/ a little bit of baking soda for used toilet paper

9. Drinking Water System
Platypus 3.0 Liter I read a lot of blogs that said there's plenty of water on the trail that you don't need to carry so much water. Well, if you want to stop every time you see a stream to fill your water bottle, go ahead. I don't like stopping to slowly filter water. I passed a lot of people who had to do this. Once I am in my hiking groove I don't like to stop.
Sawyer mini water filter (takes forever. Next time I take my other water filter)
Platypus collapsible water bottle filled this from water source (stream or lake) then attached Sawyer mini to filter water into Jet Boil and platypus. I kept it folded in a side pocket with sawyer mini and flush thing. I really hate the Sawyer mini. I don't care how light it is. It takes forever to use even after you flush it.

10. Bear canister
(next time I solo hike I'll get the smaller one). I did stuff this sucker with anything and everything I could. It takes up a lot of space

11. Camp Kitchen
Jet Boil & small gas can
Small Ziploc bowl with lid
snowpeak spork (I sent my dishes and stove home when I was at Muir Ranch. I had lost my appetite. I was happy with jerky, Gu, inca bars, and freeze dried fruit). I really needed an electrolyte drink. Now that I am home I am drinking Hammer Nutrition Heed and Recoverite for marathon training. For longer days I will use Perpetuem

12. Extras
Tenacious tape
Swiss Army Pocket Knife w scissors (I didn't think I would need this. The first night a squirrel ate a hole in my tent!)
Pen and notepad - I recorded my day's hike every night. I wish I had a book.
Stamps for postcards (didn't need these... they have stamps at Red's and Muir Ranch)
Loksaks for maps, toiletries, and iPhone
Outdoor Research stuff sacks for organizing gear
Goal Zero recharchable batteries I used this to recharge my Fitbit. I recharged it at Red's and Muir Ranch.
iPhone 6 - kept my phone in airplane mode. There really isn't any service on the trail. Just a few spots (right before and after Red's, one little spot on Mt. Whitney, and Whitney Portal). Great camera. Kept it in a loksak. My trail shorts had perfect pockets for my iPhone.
iPhone 6 mophie phone charger - recharged the Mophie at Red's and Muir Ranch. Worked great! It's heavy so I only pulled it out at night to recharge my iPhone. Otherwise it stayed in the OR stuff sack
Headlamp I hiked during a full moon so I didn't need my headlamp. In fact, I ended up losing it somewhere along the way. Bummer because I really liked my lamp and they no longer make it. Oh well.
John Muir Trail Pocket Atlas

13. Toiletries
 Lip Balm
 Ben's bug spray
 body wipes (start with your face and go from there), travel size unscented deodorant (all the blogs say don't take it. I used deodorant the night before we left and at my Red's resupply where my husband had an overnight bag for me. I did not have deodorant at Muir Ranch and wish I did. Next time I keep this with me.)
Small camp towel

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