Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Done with my morning workout

I went to the 6:15a barre workout. The room was full of new women. I have been doing it for nearly two weeks. Natalie, the instructor, changed up the routine a but which was nice. Just when I was getting the hang of it I had to figure out new moves. My legs were super sore from running so I concentrated on upper body, and, and stretching. I didn't kill myself not the leg portion and I told myself no feeling guilty.
I noticed a lot of women with no makeup and a few with makeup. At first I was judgy. I thought, yikes girl you need some concealer. then I reset my mind and noticed how lovely that woman's eyes are and she had awesome bouncy hair. I reminded myself that I had a big zit covered in honey on my chin. Plus, I have always thought my eyes are invisible without eyeliner. Anyway, I concentrated on breathing, clearing my mind of negativity and opinions, and feel I good right now.
I had a protein shake and water for breakfast.
I took a nice hot shower. i have coconut oil on my face.
We will see how the day goes.......

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