Saturday, February 25, 2012


How on earth are you suppose to cultivate patience?

All day yesterday I said to myself, "be patient, be patient". Any time something came up where I felt like I was going to yell I would repeat, "be patient, be patient."

The dog had diahrrea... drips of poo led to the guest bedroom where she did the most damage. "Be patient." I septn an hour cleaning it up then went for a short run ... a run meant to be long but shortened because of the poo.

Came home to my kids watching TV. Not allowed on school days. "Be patient Corey" I gave them their usual morning instructions and jumped in the shower. Got out of the shower, dressed, walked into theoffice and stepped on a fresh dog poo. "be patient Corey," I continued to tell myself. It's only 7:30 a.m.

Walked down stairs to find fish food all over the counter and floor. Cleaned it up repeating the entire time, "be patient, be patient." Found my kids in front of hte TV not dressed or ready for school, cereal bowls on the coffee table where no food is allowed. "be patient Corey."

Had the kids walk to school so I could finish cleaning up dog poo in office. Missed my Mommy & Me Yoga class that my little one and I take so I ran errands isntead. Took dog with me rather than come home to more poo... post office, office depot, grocery store, gas station, library... home. Please everyone go to sleep... oh shit! Aidan has book fair at school and I forgot to put money in his envelope!!!! Throw toddler and puppy back in mini van and make it just in time for Aidan to pick up a few books. Whew! Back home, two loads of laundry, and a napping toddler. Time to go to Audrey's book fair! Put sleeping toddler in mini van, leave sleeping dog (gave her a stick of cheese) on couch. Analie wakes with amazing amounts of energy after just a ten minute nap... decides to hide under book tables and behind book displays in school gym all in front of the strictest teachers at school. Feel like worlds worst mother. All of the other moms are dressed up and I'm in faded, nasty old yoga pants, hair in a bun, no make up, and probably smell like dog poo.

Tell Audrey and her friend to look for Mrs. West to drive them home. Get text from Mrs. West that she won't. Girls should walk. Text friend if she sees girls ask them to walk. Two loads of laundry put away while toddler is watching Caillou and dog is chewing on bone. Son walks in from school, "Mom, Audrey is waiting in school parking lot for Mrs. West." UGH!!

I did not lose my shit until it was time to leave for the school ice cream social and while i was changing and putting on make up the kids had made a total wreck of the kitchen. Started yelling to get in the car. Started thinking this Happiness Project is stupid.

Today: Saturday: Andrew is home. Aidan is at a friend's. Audrey has a friend over:
Made Kashi waffles for breakfast for everyone
Went to a Total Body Sculpting class at Glow with my friend Greet
Home for shower and off to Pure Image Salon for a hair cut, gloss treatment, mani pedi.
Home: made lunch
Met with a mom about Family Reading Night
Library to pick up books on yoga
Home: made dinner

A few times I got frustrated with the dirt through the house and the dog needing to go out and the turtle terrarium needing to be cleaned and the fish needing to be fed AND it ALL being my responsibility. But then I thought, about what others are goign through at this moment. Audrey's friend who slept over, her grandmother is dying. Her mother spent the night in the hospital saying goodbye. That's a rough night!

I realized that I don't listen to my kids. My husband listens to them. I don't. I need to start listening to them. Nothing I am doing at any given moment is as important as listening to my children and my children knowing that I hear them.

So, along with patience, I am going to work on listening. I think they go together. If I heard my children I would be more patient. I would understand what it is that they are doing.

I read this interesting article about cultivate patience:

It says that the time to cultivate patience is when things are not going our way. How many times a day is it so for us mothers? Breathing and asking yourself how you can learn from this problem is how you cultivate patience. Pretty basic.

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