Friday, October 29, 2010

Need to run. How to run on the east coast?

I really need to run. My sprained ankle is feeling so much better now. There's still a little bruising but it doesn't hurt to touch anymore. I can sort of bend it. I think that the bigger problem is that I'm scared to slip on an acorn, a stick, a tree root, a pile of leaves...I am scared to slip, trip, or bend my ankle in some way. The sidewalks aren't exactly safe. Plus, when the acorns are shaken from the tree tops they hit the top of the car with quite a bang. It scares all of us. We're experiencing a whole new world here.

Running in Oakland meant the possible bum, naked and drunk in the way; stinky Lake Merritt before the tide cleans up the trash people throw in it; a lot of other runners, walkers, exercise groups/boot campers... Here it's nature. Nature seems much harder to figure out. Much harder to anticipate


XLMIC said...

Check around your area for a good trail. Or find the local running shoe store and ask there where are some good places to go where your concern factors will be minimized. I remember living in Philadelphia and running in the snow and ice and what a different sort of workout that was! Best of luck to you with your return to running!

C.S.Flynn said...

Good idea! I'll go by the running store this weekend. My neighbor has suggested a bike trail.

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