Friday, October 29, 2010

Leaves, leaves everywhere!

Four months on the east coast. I knew this day would come. I didn't realize how beautiful and how annoying it would be. There are leaves all over. Literally. Our front drive looks like someone papered the ground with leaf wallpaper.

Our neighbors backyard is covered in yellow leaves. They're gorgeous! At first glance it takes your breath away. Then the thought of raking and bagging all of those leaves comes to mind. Sweat, blisters on your hands, dirt, grass, bugs, tracking it all into the clean house... now I'm annoyed.

Our backyard has evergreen trees so we only get what the wind blows in. The front yard however is covered in leaves and those little buttlerfly thingies that I use to throw in the air one by one as a child to watch them helicopter down to the ground. There are tons of those!

A few days ago we had one of those rare sunny days that everyone here drops everything for. Sunshine! I recently mentioned to my neighbor that the news said there was a chance that we might get a little sunshine. She said that's typical. When the sun is allowed to shine in Pittsburgh everyone drops what they're doing in their houses to go outside and soak up the rays. Soak up some Vitamin D. I take vitamin D supplements on the gray days but not on those rare, sunny days. On those days I do whatever I can to expose my skin.

Anyway, on one of those rare sunny days the baby and I went outside to rake leaves. We had gone for an hour walk around town (I was hoping the baby would take a nap). When we got home from our beautiful, sunny walk we pulled out the rake and started to make piles of leaves. I filled three yard bags full of leaves. Analie and I were both covered in yard stuff. She had leaves stuck in her hair, pants, fingers... little bits of grass from the last time we mowed, bits of dirt ... some of it ended up in Analie's mouth and somehow some of it ended up in her diaper.

The raking worked on my cranky, tired little one. She took a nice, long nap. While she slept I was able to do some laundry and practice "Ode to Joy" on my guitar. The wind was really blowing. No more sun. The wind brought the clouds again. Well, at least I was able to soak it up while it was here. Unfortunately along with the clouds the wind released more leaves from the trees. My piles from earlier were still where I left them but the bright green grass that I exposed earlier in the day was now, once again, covered in multi colored leaves. Yeah! (read that as a sarcastic yeah).


XLMIC said...

Sometimes I really miss Fall. Have your kids gotten to do leaf-pile jumping yet? The other day we took a rake with us to the park and were able to scrape together enough leaves to make a jump-worthy pile. But, yeah, raking is a pain!

C.S.Flynn said...

The neighbors wait until their leaves are dry then they rake them onto a tarp, put them in the park behind our house, and all of the kids jump in the pile. My kids could easily jump in the leaves I have already raked. We went to Punxstawney recently where there were giant leaf piles for the kids. It was amazing. I'd never seen anything like it before.

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