Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Feeling bipolar about coastlines

Today i am in love with my new home. I am in love with the green, the trees, the humidity (it's very low today), being a stay at home mom, the feel of east coast living. I am in love with it all. Then I check in with my friends on facebook. I check in on west coast life and I'm in love with that feeling. I'm in love with the cold, blue Pacific Ocean, the orange-red Golden Gate Bridge, the fog, the seals, the diversity.

And I think, how can I love both so much. I miss my busy life on the west coast but I'm really enjoying my easy going home life here on the east. I woke at 6 a.m. to zoom to the store for donuts and a birthday card for Andrew's assistant. I came home, took donuts to the kids and husband, brought him hot coffee, and gave him a big kiss then sent him off to work.

The baby is taking her morning nap, the kids are playing in the yard, the windows are up, a breeze is flowing through the house....today I am in love with my life. Everything is wonderful. I wish I felt this way every day.

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