Thursday, June 3, 2010

Nevermind! We're flying!

Andrew made one his nifty spreadsheets to calculate how much we'll need to drive across the US. We picked our cities, motels, added gas, etc and it came out to quite a bit. Three adults and three kids in a mini van for two weeks is equivalent to a nice, long cruise to the Bahamas so we decided it would be best for us to fly to Pittsburgh. So, that's the new plan!

Sorry everyone! You missed out on a mom slowly going crazy in the car with her kids :P

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JaneJax said...

I used my detective skills while checking out yours and Andrews pics on FB. Let me know how close I am. You, Analie, Audrey & the nanny are flying and Andrew & Aiden are driving cross country in the minivan. Is the prius on a hitch behind it or did you sell it? Your stalker friends need to know :D Did you buy a house yet? Did your house in Oakland sell? So much to blog . . hint, hint . .I miss you already!

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