Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Across Country Plan

Well, tonight we sat down with a calendar and an atlas. We have a plan!!

June 17: Last day of school. Movers arrive.
June 18: Finish up at the house
June 19-21: Tahoe
June 22: Wells, NV
June 23: Jackson, WY
June 24: Yellowstone - Cody, WY
June 25: Powell
June 26-27: Newcastle to see cousin Claudia Gottsch
June 28: Sioux Falls, SD to sleep
June 29: Davenport to sleep
June 30: Day in Chicago. Andrew will go into a BNYM Office. The kids and I will explore. :)
July 1: Kent, OH
July 2: Pittsburgh, PA
July 4: Pirates game!! :D

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