Friday, November 14, 2008

Seat Belt Safety

Changing from the big car seats to the little boosters was good and bad. What was good was we didn't have these big seats anymore. Those suckers are heavy! They take a long time to clean melted food and puke. Most people who don't have children don't want you to put your smelly big car seat in their car.

I was concerned when my mother bought me the pretty, light, cute booster seats. I wasn't ready for the transition. My kids were the right size and my husband was ready to get rid of those big, smelly things we had been using for what seemed like forever.

So, we transitioned to the the booster seats but I still had my concerns. My kids were able to un-do their seat belts. My son liked to put the long part of the seat belt behind him so that just the lap belt was securing him.

When asked for people to try out the Seat Snug I jumped at the chance! This could be just what I'm looking for!

I was a little confused when I was putting the Seat Snug on the seat belt but I get confused easily with... well, pretty much antyhing that requires assembly. My husband quickly put the Seat Snug on my son's side of the car. He made it look so easy.

When Aidan saw the new "buckle" he wasn't sure what to think. He thought it was a transformer buckle... cool so far. Audrey was jealous that she didn't have one (we may have to buy her one). I was worried that Aidan wouldn't be able to buckle himself. It's an amazing time saver when the kids can buckle themselves into their seats.

We have had the Seat Snug on Aidan's seat belt for a week now. So far so good!

Aidan hasn't slipped out of his seat belt! Yeah! He can still buckle himself. Thank goodness because I really hate having to go into the backseat of the car under any circumstances. It's soo gross! That's the kids spot. If I can just open the back door and say, "Load up! Buckle up!" Then I'm a happy mommy!

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