Thursday, July 3, 2008

My Tooth Brush is Green

Actually, my toothbrush is a really pretty periwinkle blue which is one of my favorite colors. It matches my bathroom perfectly!! My toothbrush is green in that it is good for the environment.

I was asked to review the Preserve toothbrush for Mom Central. I jumped at this opportunity because anything that will help my family help the earth is great! We were sent two toothbrushes. I immediately put them in our frog toothbrush holder. I said to my husbanbd, "Andrew, this is yours and this one is mine." They were really pretty shades of blue which reminded me of the ocean. I was sure my husband would complain about the new, smaller, less flashy toothbrushes. Like, maybe they wouldn't clean as well. But he actually liked the new toothbrush a lot and he liked that I could send it back to Preserve (for free!) to be used for other necessary items (like a bench or deck).

Andrew has a big mouth and teeth (sorry Honey, but you do!) and he liked the tooth brush just as much as I did. He felt his teeth were just as clean as his big, fancy, bright toothbrush.

I like the curve and that it's soft. My gums don't bleed when I use it. It seems like there are so many funky gimmics out there about toothbrushes. Plus, the classy, slender look is appealing to me. We all need to brush our teeth. Why not help the environment while you're at it. I wish all products were this earth friendly!!

I was worried that I wouldn't be able to find the Preserve toothbrush in the store but I noticed them at Target and Trader Joe's. Yeah!!

Thankfully I live in an area where it is easy to be earth conscious. I live in the Bay Area. Oakland to be exact.

When my husband suggests that we move somewhere hot and humid, somewhere more affordable, I say, "ok, we could afford that huge, gorgeous house if we were to move from the Bay Area, but what is the carbon footprint on that house?! It's not very good for the environment." Not to mention, public transportation is a key factor when talking about a new home town. I drive a Prius, take BART, walk, or run.

I live in the ultimate house. It has been recycled a few times. We are the third owners of a house that is over 100 years old! That is a well used house. We immediately started replacing the bulbs for more energy efficient ones. We don't have an air conditioner or heater. We don't need it. It rarely gets to be over 90 degrees here and when it does it lasts for three days then the fog rolls in. We're working on a gray water system so that water we use in our home goes to watering our garden. Every appliance is an energy efficient one and only the fridge is plugged in. We unplug EVERYTHING that isn't being used. No reason to use up energy if it doesn't need to be. Right?

I buy used clothing and toys rather than new ones which create a lot of trash and those old toys still have a lot of use in them! I like comfortable clothes and I find great deals on designer gear for much less than if I had bought them in a department store.

Anyway, back to my awesome tooth brush! I love it! Love it!! And, I found out that the company that makes my awesome "green toothbrush" also makes other products!!

kids toothbrushes (I change my kids brushes more than mine due to illnesses (strep) so this is really great! No more guilt about throwing away a new toothbrush!)
food storage containers (really cool!)
cutting boards
colanders (snazzy colors!)


When you're done with your toothbrush it gets a second life as a bench, deck, or other item. Just send your toothbrush in a paid envelope back to Preserve.

We've been talking about building a deck. Maybe our deck will be made out of all of the toothbrushes?! Maybe our toothbrushes. How cool is that?! My kids are going to love it. I think we'll paint a toothbrush on our deck... when it's built.

Go Green Article on Mom Central

How the toothbrushes are made:

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All Rileyed Up said...

I couldn't agree with you more. These toothbrushes are AWESOME! My review goes up this weekend.

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