Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sydney Half Marathon for Steve

I posted earlier that my friend Rebecca was running the Sydney Half Marathon in honor of her husband Steve who died of colon cancer last year. She ran on Sunday. Here is her e-mail:

Sunday May 18th was an amazing day!

We had 17 starters in the race yesterday for Team SMP in ideal conditions and everyone finished.

There were no injury's, many smiles and a few tears on the day. I think that all members of the team feel they have acheived something great.

Some of our team members ran amazing times and others of us just made it accross the line within the official time limit.

Overall our donations to date tally close to $23,000.

This is a very significant amount of money and it will help towards colon cancer research. It is a fitting was to honour Steve memory - I beleive he was looking on
and smiling on Sunday.

So a huge thank you to everyone for your support, both financial and inspirational. On a personal note this event has helped me to feel stronger and
more capable of dealing with my new reality. I also made some new friends.

For anyone that hasn't donated and was thinking about it or were waiting for us to make the finish line the online facility is still open

Once again thank you and to all the donors. Hopefully, with the right support scientists and doctors will be able to make cancer survival a reality for everyone
in our life times.


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