Monday, April 21, 2008

A Plumm Summer

I LOVE this movie! What a fantastic family film!
Our family has their favorite shows. Sometimes the kids and I will watch a program once a day. These are the films we watch when we're home sick from school, when we have slumber parties, when family comes to visit.... something that everyone can enjoy.

We have a new favorite family film!! "A Plumm Summer" is absolutely the sweetest movie. I just finished watching the DVD sent to me by Mom Central.

In the 1960s there was a program on TV set in Montana where a magician and his marionette, Froggy Doo, entertained children. Froggy was kidnapped. The FBI became involved in the search for Froggy Doo. Elliott Plumm decides to search for Froggy Doo along with his brother Rocky who is one of Froggy's biggest fans.

The family dynamic between Elliott and Rocky as well as the boys relationship with their father who is facing his own demons creates an amazing story. Add the beautiful blue sky of Montana, a great soundtrack, and interesting characters.... and you have an absolutely entertaining, feel good film everyone will enjoy!!

Screenplay by Nicholls Award Winner TJ Lynch.
Producers: Frank Antonelli and Caroline Zelder
Director: Caroline Zelder

Happy Herb and Froggy Doo

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