Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A Plumm Summer

This movie looks soo great!

My husband and I are constantly looking for good family films. We recently took the kids to see "Nims Island." We all liked it. "Speed Racer" looks lke a good family film. Our son is excited about seeing it.

It seems like lately it's hard to find family films that the entire family can enjoy. Sometimes I pull out my favorite movies from my youth, "A Black Stallion" for Audrey who loves horses.

A Plumm Summer is an independent film that has been reviewed as the family movie of the summer. Take a look at the trailer

Do you have a favorite family film?

Make sure to check back for my review of "A Plumm Summer" to see what I thought!!


Find a theatre near you for opening week which is coming up!!

April 25th

List of theatres

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jelyho said...

The movie will be in limited release on April 25--California, Alabama, Montana and Minneapolis.

I hope it hits the national market soon, so that I can see it. The kidnapping of the Froggy Doo was a true event from my childhood. The magician, Happy Herb, is alive and well and having fun with premiere.

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