Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Dirty Little Secrets From Otherwise Perfect Moms

An old friend of mine stopped by my work to give me a really cute book. This book is totally me!! I definitely am not a perfect mother. I think I am a "real" mom. I've never pretended to be perfect but I have been around those women who do act like they're "perfect." It was frustrating. Thankfully someone felt the same way and came out with a fantastic book for us "real" moms!!

My Dirty little secret, I wiped my kids faces off with a wet cloth and then sprayed them with Febreeze on our way out the door this morning. I just didn't have the time to give them a bath. Thankfully it was really just chocolate on their faces for their ice cream sandwiches after dinner and their hair seems to always smell like wet dog anyway... so it's not like they were really dirty or anything.

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Amy Nobile said...

Hi! We're so glad you like the book -- it's been a way for moms to feel 'normal' and not so alone. Great dirty little secret, by the way! Love it.


Amy Nobile & Trisha Ashworth, co-authors
Dirty Little Secrets from Otherwise Perfect Moms

Kaui Hemmings said...

hi Corey! I came across your blog! So cool!
I'm at
Hope you're well,

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