Monday, January 21, 2008

I AM NOT MY BREAST CANCER. Women Talk Openly About Love & Sex, Hair Loss & Weight Gain, Mothers & Daughters, and Being a Woman with Breast Cancer

I signed up for this book review because my sister-in-law Carie went thru a breast cancer diagnosis, chemotherapy, and radiation all while working full-time, going thru a divorce, getting remarried, taking care of her two boys, and becoming the top sales leader for her company. Amazing!

I watched my grandmother courageously suffer with terminal cancer and I was deeply concerned for Carie who is a mother, a vibrant woman, young, busy, and energetic. What was this going to do to her life? Make her stronger is what it did. And it sounds like, that is what it did for many of the women in "I am Not my Breast Cancer."

Carie has been two years cancer free. She walked in the SF Walk for Breast Cancer as a survivor. That was so inspirational to me.

The book "I am Not my Breast Cancer" is an amazing, amazing read. By page four I was crying. I know that cancer is a very scary thing. But, I didn't know that the emotional affects of cancer ran so deep, so raw, and for so long. I learned a lot just in the first chapter. I didn't feel that the book was depressing. I felt enlightened by the women in this book.

I remember people coming to visit my grandmother. They would look at her frail, bald face and start to cry. She made a rule, "only happy people come to see me. I don't want any crying!" She was fierce.

Another thing that touched me was how the women felt like they had to be the strong ones for their family members and how their husbands would shut down emotionally. This book teaches you so much!! Everyone should read "I am Not my Breast Cancer." We're all touched in some way by cancer. Maybe it isn't breast cancer. Maybe it's prostate cancer. Just this morning a coworker told me that he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. "I am Not my Breast Cancer" has taught me so much on how to treat, feel for, understand someone who has been diagnosed with cancer.


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