Saturday, November 3, 2007

The Daring Book for Girls

When I received my copy of "The DaringBook for Girls" by Andrew J. Buchana and Miriam Peskowitz I was very excited. My husband has been reading the book for boys and laughs out loud quote often. SO, when I heard that there was one just for me coming out it was very exciting.
The teal cover with the sparkly font really caught my eye. Then I opened the book to the first few pages. Under "Essential Gear" I saw a few items that I most definitely would call my own essential gear as well as good ideas to add to my personal list. No. 1 is a Swiss Army Knife. I had a little one on my key chain that broke recently. I really do need to get a new one. It worked well for cutting cuticles and strings that my children wrap around stuff they shouldn't. I especially like No. 4 on the list, Journal and Pencil, with a Back-up Pen. Yes, this is most definitely an essential item. No. 12 on the list is Patience. As a mother I understand this essential quality. I really liked what is said under Patience.... "you can do anything once you've practiced two hundred times."
I'm not much of a sports fan and I don't care to learn so I passed up the rules on sports but I definitely admire any woman who is good at these games. My twin sis, in fact, loves sports. She's very good at most of them. FOr some reason, my brain just cannot wrap itself around all of those pesky rules.
My children are enrolled in a French school so the chapter on French Terms of Endearment, Expressions, and Other Items of Note was fun. Especially the term "ma puce!" which is "my flea." I think I'll use that one.
One night I could not get thru another chapter in a book I've been reading so I picked up my pretty teal Daring Book for Girls. I decided to open the book and read that chapter then go to bed. The chapter that I opened to was about "Princesses Today". Did you kow that Princess Kako Akishino of Japan rides a unicycle and is a sign language interpreter? She's about 13 years old and sounds like a very talented young princess.
My favorite chapter is on "Explorers." The year that I was born, 1976, Krystyna Choynowksi-Liskiewicz of Poland sailed around the world solo. She was the first woman to do so. Amazing!
My Daring Book for Girls taught me how to you put my hair up with a pencil, tie a bandana around my head, tie knots that will stay, play cards such as hearts and gin rummy, and tie a sari.
I forgot how to make colorful friendship bracelets, jump rope games, and play four square. Now I have my own manual to remind me how to do all of these things from my youth.
My "Daring Book for Girls" is a fun book for the coffee table. In a moment of relaxation and rest I sit down, pick it up, and let it open to whatever page it feels like turning too. No matter what page that might be, there is something interesting for me to remember from my days as a little girl on the playground or for me to learn and enjoy today as a mother.



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Anonymous said...

I liked the book too. While reading your review, I just imagined mysself making a friendship bracelet for my husband, but somehow, I don't think he'd grasp the meaning.

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