Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Amulya Malladi's fifth novel on it's way!

One of my favorite author's, Amulya Malladi, is coming out with a new book! YEAH!
You know how when you have a book that you absolutely love so you buy everyone for Christmas that book and suggest it to everyone when they ask if you've read a good book lately??? Well, Amulya Malladi's books are that way... AND, you know how when you read a book you really love you look for more books by that author and hope that you'll enjoy them all as much as you did the first one that you picked up??? Well, yup, Malladi's books are that way.
Her books give you a glimpse into her culture. They are light and easy to read. They are pleasant and memorable.
A book club that I was a member of chose two of her books and they were a big hit. One of those books is "Serving Crazy with Curry." When we read this book we each chose a recipe to feature at the meeting. For "Mango Season" we called Ms. Malladi. She was amazingly gracious answering all of our questions.

"A Breath of Fresh Air" was a beautiful read. I haven't read "Song of the Cuckoo Bird" YET. But, I definitely plan too. It's on my "to read" bookshelf !
Wow! I can't wait!!

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