Wednesday, July 18, 2007

"The Glass Castle" by Jeannette Walls

Another book you just can't put down!!

Jeannette Walls is raised in an interesting family. Her father is brilliant. Her mother is an artist. They prefer to live and raise their children on their own terms. They take a more than practical approach to life and material possessions. Jeannette's father believes that the government is after him so he keeps moving the family from one city and state to another until they finally end up in a small coal mining town. The kids survive by eating food from garbage cans and washing themselves in cold water. Their shack doesn't have a bathroom, electricity, or plumbing.
Jeannette and her siblings over come their homeless upbringing to become successful. Their upbringing makes them tough and capable of surviving anything. Their parents gave their children intelligence rather than toys.
You will read this book thinking what on earth are the parents thinking? Yet, you will be very proud of Jeannette and her siblings for getting thru it all so well.

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sammantha santucci-ruiz said...

i am in love with that book. jeannette walls is a true inspiration. it was sad some of the things they had to go thru...but they were able to move past that and become succsessful

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