Wednesday, July 18, 2007

"Come Back: A Mother and Daugther's Journey to Hell and Back " by Claire and Mia Fontaine

My daycare provider handed me this book one day. She said that she picked it up and once she opened the book didn't set it down until she finished it. She read all night long. I love books like this. I love books that you can't put down. I have a couple on a list that I recommend to everyone. This one is now on that list.
Mia and Claire have a rough start due to an event that occurs while Claire is married to Mia's father. All of those horrid memories come back when Mia starts to go thru puberty. Claire doesn't realize that her personality is partly to blame until she has to send her daughter to a special school in the Czech Republic where Mia isn't allowed to speak for long periods of time. She's left with her thoughts which at first are unbearable but soon the silence is calming and wanted.
Both mother and daughter learn a lot about each other and themselves. The story is told alternately by mother and by daughter. You feel their anger and their sadness. You're listening to the voices in their heads and following their actions.
It's a remarkable true story about the love a mother has for her daughter and that she'll do anything even travel to hell and back to keep her alive.

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